A Day On Melrose

posted April 29, 2016

Is Cycle House your home away from home? Same. But how often do you spend the day in the neighborhood, and by neighborhood I mean Melrose Ave. You might get into a 6 or 7 am class before work on a weekday but miss out on all the treats a day on Melrose has to offer.


We see your hour on Melrose by way of “The House” and raise you a full day on the Avenue. Hey, grab your spin squad post spin and bring them along for the ride. Shower optional…




But First Coffee….I’m sure you have already checked out Alfred in the Alley next to Cycle House. If you need that extra pick me up on a Sunday morning, stop in for your favorite coffee drink…but try to resist the sweet smell of bagels toasting, it will tempt you but you can do it!  This Alfred location opened in 2014 and is so convenient for those of us with a busy spin workout schedule, and the need for our morning coffee. Enjoy the patio before class or after…or both.  It’s great place to prepare for clss, or take those selfies for insta…you know, as proof that you’re fitness game is strong.


Next, you know what to do. Head to “The House” and get in that sweat sesh. You didn’t think we’d have you skip your spin class did you? Cycle House is a great way to start any day, but especially a “Sunday Funday”. While many of your friends are out for the count from the night before, you are getting in your grind early so you can enjoy the rest of your day….and by that I mean your mimosas! Since we are trying new things today, sit in a row closer to the front if you tend to hide in the back. Let’s check out the room from a new perspective shall we? This is the time to really let go and find out how far you can push yourself. Your mind will put limits on your body…but at Cycle House your body will win!  In this hour of class you will let go of the prior week and prepare yourself for the great day ahead, before heading back to the grind of the new week. This is the day to regroup, feel strong and in control. You will be so glad you not only got out of bed but also took this step to keep your fitness goals in check! This is one of my favorite times to spin…Like it says on the wall…”The strength is in the struggle” and I believe it 100%. You will too!




After spin, refuel at Beaming, just around the corner. Grab a quick smoothie, elixir or if you are as crazy as I am, an energy bite to have for a post workout pick me up before yoga at Y7. The vitality smoothie is great. Add some beaming protein and ask for the low glycemic option… nix the banana – especially if you took advantage of the free banana post spin at Cycle House! The Rockstar is also great for muscle recovery post spin.  Beaming is the ultimate “Organic Superfood Cafe” it has become the destination for organic cold pressed juice, superfood smoothies and delicious healthy take out.  Check out the raw foods menu as well.


Sundays are especially great to get in a double workout, and after an intense ride at Cycle House, it’s always great to get in your Savasana. If you take it over to Y7 you are in for a real treat as “HipHop Sundays” are going down all morning in the studio. We are talking a themed Hot Yoga Burn to a specific rapper or a rap battle between two of your faves. My favorite so far? Fetty Wap vs Ty Dolla Sign. This location just opened in West Hollywood and I have been enjoying it since day 1. Y7 is not your basic Yoga class. It is 60 min of intensity combined with heat and strength, complimented by deep breathing and calming the mind, while flowing to the latest beats. There are no mirrors and in the candle-lit, hot studio you can let your sweat flow freely without judgment, and believe me…it will flow. You will leave feeling strong, focused and ready to take on more of Melrose!



Late Morning


Post yoga flow, take a walk down Melrose Place to stalk up on Farmers Market fruits and veggies. This Market is every Sunday, year-round, all weather. They have some great local vendors to check out as well.





Hungry? Head down to Zinque for a delicious brunch al fresco. Located across from the PDC, Zinque is a euro-style cafe perfect for lunch and a glass of wine. With wood tabletops and stools, the patio is super relaxing. Meet up with friends and split a flatbread or tartine. The “Le Bowl” with rotisserie chicken is a great way to recharge.


Sometimes, a few hours on Sundays are dedicated to some “catch-up” time on our side projects. Reading a new book? Working on some research for a new blog post or business idea? Head down the street to Restoration Hardware, The Gallery on Melrose. Yep, a furniture store, that’s correct. Go straight to the roof and test out their outdoor furniture collection, you know…while you work. Maybe you are in the market for a patio sofa? Maybe not. But nevertheless, this rooftop area is perfect for some lounging and any extra work that you need to get done. And the views…check out the views! Bring your a game because they brought theirs! See if you can recognize the design influences on every floor while you’re there.




If you would rather shop than work on your side projects, save Restoration Hardware for another day and hit up some of the AMAZING shops on Melrose. From Rag and Bone, to Alice and Olivia, or Theory to Reformation, there is something for everyone!  If you want shopping with a side of über cool technology, check out the fitting rooms in Rebecca Minkoff. When you enter the fitting room with a selection of items, they will immediately display on the mirror. Did I mention the mirror is a touch screen? You can choose different sizes, colors, communicate with the staff in the store, AND even check out. What’s more: You can change the lighting in the room. Feeling like a morning hike up Runyon Canyon? There is a light setting for that. What about a WEHO night out? Setting for that too!



Late Afternoon


Done with work, workouts and shopping…but not with Rooftops? Meet some friends at the L.P. rooftop bar (of E.P./L.P.) for a “Sunday Funday” cocktail to cheers to the end of the weekend.  Located at the intersection of Melrose and La Cienega, this expansive rooftop has pristine views from the Hollywood Hills to Mid City. This spot is a great way to close out your Sunday. As they say, “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”



Written and contributed by Gina from C’est La Vie By Gina Marie. Follow her on Instagram @cestlavie_gm.