Q&A with Gina Marie of C’est La Vie By GM

posted August 11, 2016

Meet Gina Marie of C’est La Vie By GM. Not only is she a fashion and fitness addict with an unhealthy brunch obsession, she’s also a total badass. We sat down with Gina to learn more about her active lifestyle and how she stays motivated.

Moment You Fell In Love With Fitness:
This is easy. A few years ago I bought a three class Gilt City package for a cycling studio in West Hollywood (Cycle House!!). I don’t remember what possessed me to do so, but I was on hiatus from my work on an entertainment show and had some free time to fill. I had always noticed the green and grey studio as I drove up La Cienega and I thought why not give it a try. My first class, I thought I was literally going to die. But….when those doors flew open to the patio and the instructor shouted “You are HOME”, I knew I had found a new love.


What Makes You Feel Like A Badass:
Snapback, sunnies and a killer workout outfit. Oh! Obviously some killer kicks. Double workouts help also:)


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Playlist at the House: #CHSummer16

posted August 3, 2016

Music is probably one of the most important elements of any indoor cycling class. It can impact mood, emotions, energy levels, breathing and heart rates. Music keeps you going when you feel like you’ve hit a wall and want to give up. A dope track can get you back in the zone and help you crush that House Ride. Because at Cycle House we’re so passionate about music, we want to share what’s currently on our instructors’ #CHSummer16 Playlist.


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adidas Presents Fitness X @ Cycle House

posted July 28, 2016

adidas is changing the game with their latest project called Fitness X. We’re honored to partner with adidas Women in Santa Monica to create a fitness experience for women that accomplishes more than just burning calories. Fitness is more than a number on the scale. It’s a lifestyle that incorporates elements such as nutrition, mindfulness, self-love, etc. Lately, it seems like a lot of us are forgetting about that so Fitness X really couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks to all of the beautiful ladies who came out to Cycle {Beach} House last night to ride with Nichelle and Team CH. We hope you were able to find your strength in the struggle and got a kickass workout along the way. This was the first of three events we will be doing in partnership with adidas. Please stay tuned for information on the upcoming Fitness X events at Cycle {Beach} House.


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Take It to the Next Level & Invest In Cycling Shoes

posted July 26, 2016

Investing in a pair of cycling shoes is an exciting step to take when you want to take your workout to the next level. When it starts to dawn on you that the shoes you’re sporting for your daily sweat sesh are shared with countless others, it’s about time to get your own pair. You have running shoes for running and dress shoes for date night so why not cycling shoes for indoor cycling? The right shoes can make a good class freakin’ great!


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Tips to Help You Prevent Injury in an Indoor Cycling Class

posted July 12, 2016

In any type of workout, proper set up and form are absolutely crucial in preventing injuries. The same goes for indoor cycling, especially if you’re clipped in like we do at Cycle House! Because of the fast-paced and “push-yourself-to-the-limit” nature of indoor cycling classes, it’s easy to forget about technique and form when the music is good and you’re deep in the moment. Plus, we want to work our hardest and try to do everything so as a result, we sometimes end up disregarding what our bodies are telling us.


Always remember: never be too embarrassed to listen to your body and do what’s best for you. If you feel like you’re going to pass out during a high intensity interval, the logical move would be to hit the saddle and let your body recuperate before picking up speed again. To help you avoid injuries in class, here are some simple tips you should follow.


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Q&A With Jessika Mae, Fashion & Lifestyle

posted June 11, 2016

We love seeing Jessika Mae at Cycle House. Her energy is so positive and fun – it’s magnetic! Since Jessika is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber, we thought it would be fun to do a Q&A to get to know more about this girl boss.   Moment You Fell In Love With Fitness: I’ve loved…


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Why You Should Invest In Activewear For Fashion And Function

posted June 7, 2016

When we think about fitness, most of us focus on the big questions: What’s the best workout routine? How can I make the most efficient use of my time at the gym? How do I stay motivated enough to wake up for that 7am class 4 days a week? Gym clothes are lower down on…


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What Does Foam Rolling Actually Do?

posted June 1, 2016

Foam rollers are inexpensive, super-versatile tools that everyone should have in their arsenal. If you aren’t already using one, you’re seriously missing out! When you roll out your tired muscles with a foam roller, you won’t have to skip tomorrow’s workout because you’re too sore from today’s session.


After a tough workout, foam rolling can help speed up recovery and ease the soreness. Using a foam roller regularly can offer many of the same benefits as getting a sports massage. It helps reduce inflammation, scar tissue, and joint stress, as well as improve circulation and flexibility.


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