We are always looking for passionate and talented new team members!



Front desk members – PART TIME

If you’re interested in working as a Front Desk team member, please email us at with your resume and photo.

We’re looking for motivated people who are excited about health, fitness, music, giving back and empowering people! We look for friendly faces, forward thinkers, and most importantly those who are fast on their feet. You do not necessarily need to have front desk experience to have Star Quality! Let us know why you are interested in working at Cycle House!

Feel free to get creative and send anything that shows who you are!




  • Have a big smile and be enthusiastic at all times!
  • Help Cycle House Front Desk Managers and Seniors in daily tasks
  • Hold positive attitude and take initiative
  • Hold product knowledge for all Cycle House classes, packages, and retail
  • Maintain the distinct Cycle House aesthetic, appearance, atmosphere and culture



  • Must prioritize and multi-task within a fast-paced environment
  • Must have a positive, can-do attitude
  • Must have a friendly and professional phone and email etiquette
  • Must have some weekend availability, early morning availability and or evening availability.



Become a CH instructor by enrolling in the CH Training Program!

If you’re already an instructor and would like to audition for the Cycle House training program, please review the information below and email with your resume, cover letter, headshot, and any other information/media that shows us why you’re an amazing teacher!

**Due to high demand for open positions, applicants who do not submit all required information will not be considered.


Think you can hold it down as an Instructor at the House?

Qualifications: Personality and Character

  • Personality is everything. Yours is especially infectious, attractive, and unique; and you are not afraid to show it!
  • ABOVE and BEYOND is your motto. Our customer service is outstanding, so YOU have to be down to go above and beyond for Cycle House and our team.
  • You’re bold and passionate! You’re so passionate that you “walk the talk”; you lead by example, you are physically fit, and are inspiring to those around you. You consistently put forth 110%.
  • You display leadership with humility. Leadership at the House is willingness to make our team, our partners, and our Riders number one. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
  • Your honesty and integrity are key. At CH we are family and must be able to rely on each other to be honest and trustworthy.
  • Feedback is your friend. You choose to practice it in the moment rather than in retrospect. Constructive criticism is the tool that displays your honesty and your reliability.
  • Problems? What problems? You are solution-oriented, quick on your feet, and are able to problem-solve at the drop of a dime.
  • Creating a playlist makes you swoon. You indulge in beats that drop hard, run-inspiring EDM, hip-hop, house, pop.. etc. As long as the music is current and inspires our Riders we want you to musically curate the ride.
  • You punch fear in the face. You’re a fearless leader who is not afraid to push your Riders, or call them out.
  • Work is play for you, and no matter what, you always have a good time!


Technical Qualifications

  • Intervals. Must hold a complete understanding of interval training and the effect it has on the body.
  • Ability to create and design a ride with proper interval training in a safe, rigorous and intense way!
  • Bring the heat. Cardiovascular results are why our Riders keep coming back.
  • Musicality and rhythm. Teach and count perfectly on beat.
  • Ability to inspire Riders. Give the people more than just a good sweat.
  • Must be able to command a room. At Cycle House, our studios hold up to 63 people, we expect you to keep up the energy and engage every single body.
  • Have your own reliable source of music access. (Ex: laptop, iPad, iPod, computer)
  • Proficient in iTunes, able to create a playlist that is attractive to our Riders
  • Positive attitude. Period.



How Can I Audition?

  • We offer auditions to advanced Cycle House riders.
  • You are required to ride in at least 5 Cycle House classes, from a variety of Cycle House instructors prior to auditioning. However, these 5 classes do not guarantee you a spot in the training program class.


What to Prepare for the Audition:

  • The audition will be no more than 5 minutes.
  • Prepare three songs. You will only teach a portion of each song. We would like each song to demonstrate your intensity, your personality, and your uniqueness.
  • Each song should demonstrate three distinct rhythms (i.e. a jog, a hill, sprints, jumps). Please also prepare to show a sense of your teaching style, your form, musical taste, presence and voice on the mic.
  • Your audition should demonstrate the Cycle House way of riding, cueing and coaching.
  • After your audition, we will contact you if you have been selected as a candidate for the upcoming Training Program. As the next step, we will call you for an interview to meet with our Cycle House Training Team.


Advice before the Audition:

  • If you are not an advanced Cycle House rider, please wait to audition at a later time once you’ve been able to ride in more classes.


If at first you do not succeed:

  • If you are not accepted after your first audition, you must wait 3 months until you can audition again. We encourage you to take this time to prepare for the next audition and to ride in more classes.
  • You may only audition two times within a one-year period.
  • If you are interested in auditioning for the Cycle House training program, and have met the above requirements, please send your resume, photo and cover letter to the following email address: