CH Loves adidas Fitness X

posted October 5, 2016

In honor of National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, we partnered with adidas to host a full-fledged CH ride centered around empowering, educating, and pushing riders. The studio, packed with #girlbosses, arrived ready to alleviate any preconceived notions of cycling as a “dance-y”, or easy workout. These ladies came here for one reason: to become stronger, be it mental or physical, than they were before they clipped into their bike.






The second event in a series of three with the adidas crew, it was our mission to push the team harder than ever before. The night started with a warm-up run from the adidas store on the Promenade, to our Cycle {Beach} House. After check-in, riders found themselves in a dimly-lit room, packed with their friends and colleagues; bodies moving to the beat.






Adidas riders and the Cycle House team alike felt the energy surging from the studio. The sheer heat from burned calories poured into the hallway after class, as riders were met with delicious snacks from Bonk Breaker.




It was another successful ride with the adidas crew, and we cannot wait for our next event in November. A special shout-out and thank you to all of those that spent the evening with us! Stay tuned for additional information regarding upcoming Fitness X events at Cycle {Beach} House.