Exercise Your Way to Better Skin

posted May 10, 2016

Did you know that while you’re huffing and puffing yourself to a healthy, strong body, your skin is also getting a workout? That’s right! Your skin reaps significant benefits of its own. Here are five examples:


1. Raising your body temperature and increasing your heart rate ramps up production of the skin-strengthening proteins collagen and elastin.


2. Aerobic activity causes capillaries in the skin to dilate, helping blood deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells while whisking away toxins.


3. Oxygen-rich blood helps neutralize the aggressive free radicals that lead to premature skin aging.


4. Exercise lowers stress hormones, which can help calm rosacea, acne and sensitive skin.


5. Sweating is a great way to flush impurities out of your system, through your pores.




Just as your body benefits most when you exercise with proper form and technique, your skin benefits most when you exercise with the following good habits.


Don’t leave the locker room without a clean face. Exercising will open your pores and you don’t want let in make-up and grime. Use a wipe to melt away pollutants and products beforehand. (Try Dermalogica’s biodegradable PreCleanse Wipes.)


Wear smart make-up. If you’re not comfortable working out with a naked face, apply a non-comedogenic, skin-tone balancing primer — plus SPF if you’re exercising outside. (Try SkinPerfect Primer SPF30.)


Don’t touch your face. To keep bacteria away from open pores, wipe down equipment with an antibacterial wipe before you use it. Be gentle with your towel, too. Aggressively rubbing a sweaty face can irritate pores and cause inflammation.


Wear a headband. It keeps the pore-clogging ingredients in conditioners and styling products from traveling down your face or back.


Cool down. After exercising, splash your face with tepid water to help cool off skin, then wash with a gentle cleanser to remove residue. A spritz of a light, hydrating toner will refresh and further calm skin. (Try Multi-Active Toner.)


With a little knowledge and the right products by your side, your skin can get as healthy and fit as your body each time you hit the gym.



Contributed by Dermalogica.