Earth’s Finest Fitness: Find Your Fearless [Video]

posted August 17, 2016

Here at Cycle House, we strongly believe that living an active lifestyle goes beyond the workout. This means that we take what we learn and accomplish in class into the world outside. We face a multitude of challenges every single day and we have many ways to deal with them. We can let stress take over and shut us down. We can choose to believe that we’re no good and then give up. Or we can take what we accomplish at Cycle House with us when we meet a challenge in the world outside of the studio. We find strength in the struggle because failure doesn’t exist when we give our 100%.


We’re super excited to share a project we were involved in with FIJI Water and Rodale Inc. Cycle House and Instructor Nick Hounslow were featured in their collaborative web-series, “Earth’s Finest Fitness.”