Why Indoor Cycling Went From Fad To Fitness Staple

posted August 31, 2016

Can you believe that indoor cycling has been around since the 1980s? “Spinning” was invented by ultra-marathon cyclist Johnny Goldberg over 30 years ago. It was meant to be a safe way for cyclists to train indoors when the weather was bad outside. In 1993, Rolling Stone named “spinning” as the hottest workout of the year. While most fitness fads die off at one point or another, indoor cycling has stuck around and even experienced a renaissance in recent years. More and more boutique studios are popping up and as a result, there is a steady increase in the number of people getting on bikes.


So what about indoor cycling has kept it popular for more than 30 years? And what led to its current revival? Let’s explore what makes indoor cycling such an amazing workout.



It’s an effective calorie burner.

Our signature 45-minute House Rides can burn anywhere from 400 to 800 calories per class. This workout is up there with an hour of running or jogging—only indoor cycling classes are way more entertaining!


Strength is in the struggle.

Indoor cycling strengthens not only your legs, but also your core, back, and even arms. At Cycle House, we incorporate light weights into our workout so you get a full body sweat.


It’s low impact and high-intensity.

Low impact does not mean that indoor cycling is easy. It just means that it’s easier on your joints versus high impact exercises such as running. How many high-intensity workouts do you know of that can also be low impact? Honestly, probably not that many.


Everyone is welcome.

Not only is indoor cycling a great option for people who have challenges with high-impact exercises, it’s also suitable for all fitness levels. The instructor will guide you through the workout, but ultimately, the rider is in control of their own pace and resistance.


Blow off steam.

In today’s busy and stressful world, so many of us are seeking out opportunities to relieve stress. And there is definitely something magical about indoor cycling that allows us to let go and move past our challenges. We leave our worries outside the studio doors.


Improve cardiovascular health.

Indoor cycling involves both endurance and cardiovascular training so heart health and lung capacity are some of the most obvious benefits from taking up this workout.


You’re a part of a community.

Though indoor cycling is not necessarily a group sport, it still creates a strong sense of community inside the studio. We ride on our own bikes but we ride together side by side as a pack. Everyone is there to sweat, to push themselves, and to ride to the same music with the same instructor. When class is over, you will leave feeling uplifted and euphoric.