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First ride at the house


1. Dress For Sweat

No shoes, no problem! We rent spin shoes for $2. Avoid long, loose pants as they can get caught while spinning. We recommend leggings. Remember to bring socks! If you forget, we have Cycle House socks for sale.


2.  Fuel Up

Make sure you come to class hydrated! You can also purchase a bottle of water or bring a re-usable water bottle and fill up from our filtered water system.


3.  On Time & Ready

Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first class so that we can show you around the studio, make sure you’re ready, and help you set up your bike. New Riders will not be admitted into class once it has begun. We release bikes 5 minutes before class if you have not checked in yet.


4.  Brush Up On Basics

It can be intimidating to try a new workout, but don’t worry, we have really informative blog posts you can check out before you come for your first class.

Click here to go to our blog.


Cycle House launched in 2011 as LA’s first premier indoor cycling studio with one of the most badass workouts in the world.

After hitting it off with L.A’s most coveted spin instructors, Nichelle & Aaron Hines, Cycle House opened on Melrose Avenue. We’re more than just a workout. We’re a growing community and culture of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. We inspire and push one another to discover our true potential and purpose.

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