Why You Should Invest In Activewear For Fashion And Function

posted June 7, 2016

When we think about fitness, most of us focus on the big questions: What’s the best workout routine? How can I make the most efficient use of my time at the gym? How do I stay motivated enough to wake up for that 7am class 4 days a week? Gym clothes are lower down on the list of priorities. After all, why invest money and time shopping for clothing that just gets sweaty? However, having the right workout gear can be just as important to your fitness routine as staying hydrated and having an awesome playlist. Read on to understand why.


Function is Key


First and foremost, what you wear to the gym should enable you to work out comfortably and effectively. We all know intuitively that exercising in jeans is not a great idea. This is because denim is restrictive and prevents you from reaching your full range of motion (ever try doing a squat in jeans?). Instead, it’s better to choose clothing that allows for unrestrained movement so you can stretch freely, maintain proper form, and complete each exercise correctly. Loose-fitting clothing can be a good option, but gym clothes that are too baggy can get in the way of your workout or snag on equipment and risk causing injury. The better alternative is to choose workout tops and bottoms that fit true-to-size and have stretch properties built into the fabric. These pieces will move with you as you go through your exercise routine, allowing you to get the most out of your workout.


Explore Technical Fabrics


If you want more functionality in your activewear, look for innovative technical fabrics that have a ton of great features to ease and improve your workout. Moisture-wicking fabrics, for example, can remove sweat from your skin and keep you cool and dry while you exercise. Compared to a plain cotton t-shirt that soaks up sweat and becomes damp and heavy, wicking fabrics are designed to draw beads of sweat away from your skin and through to the clothing’s surface where the moisture can easily evaporate. Technical fabrics can also be finished with an anti-microbial treatment to help combat the growth of bacteria and prevent odors as you sweat. If you like outdoor exercise, look for activewear made from materials that help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. In cold weather, invest in technical fibers that keep you warm without adding bulk to your workout gear.



How You Look Impacts How You Feel—And You Can Make It For The Best


Confidence is the key to getting a good workout. Choosing workout clothes that make you look and feel great will boost your self-assuredness and channel your determination into taking on whatever is coming at you. Look for cuts and designs that flatter your body and suit your personal style. Feeling self-conscious about what you’re wearing will only distract you from your workout. The best activewear combines functionality and style so that you can fully focus on reaching your personal fitness goals—because you know you look amazing in the process!



Contributed by Emily from Masterclass Apparel