Q&A with Gina Marie of C’est La Vie By GM

posted August 11, 2016

Meet Gina Marie of C’est La Vie By GM. Not only is she a fashion and fitness addict with an unhealthy brunch obsession, she’s also a total badass. We sat down with Gina to learn more about her active lifestyle and how she stays motivated.


Moment You Fell In Love With Fitness:
This is easy. A few years ago I bought a three class Gilt City package for a cycling studio in West Hollywood (Cycle House!!). I don’t remember what possessed me to do so, but I was on hiatus from my work on an entertainment show and had some free time to fill. I had always noticed the green and grey studio as I drove up La Cienega and I thought why not give it a try. My first class, I thought I was literally going to die. But….when those doors flew open to the patio and the instructor shouted “You are HOME”, I knew I had found a new love.


What Makes You Feel Like A Badass:
Snapback, sunnies and a killer workout outfit. Oh! Obviously some killer kicks. Double workouts help also:)


5 Staples In Your Gym Bag:
Mini Drybar dry shampoo, The Honest Co. 3-in-1 Facial Towelettes, a protein bar, water bottle (obvi), and a hydrating chapstick. I often go from one workout to another so I always try to refresh a bit before I go on to the next!


Favorite Post-Workout Fuel:
Hmmm depends on the day/time. I LOVE a good smoothie, especially if there is coffee involved. I am also a huge fan of refueling post spin at Beaming. If I am going to another workout right after spin, I like to grab a raw energy ball there or I keep a Health Warrior Chia bar in my bag to hold me over until I can grab something substantial like a Tomato Basil Omelette (my FAVORITE).




You Know You’ve Had A Great Workout When:
I would say when I leave a workout drenched in sweat, but that is pretty standard for me. Like I basically look like a waterfall post ANY workout. I think a sign of a great workout is when I am walking home or to my car from a sweat sesh and I am grinning ear to ear for no obvious reason.


Your Goals For The Rest Of 2016:
Master the art of Mind Over Matter. If you don’t mind, that shit don’t matter. More about this mantra on the blog this month.


Favorite Song Right Now:
Super Mario World by Logic


I am also still really into Money Magnet by Kevin Gates…talk about feeling like a badass. Blast this in your car and tell me you don’t feel like a gangster.