Why You Should Start Meditating To Boost Your Fitness Goals

posted May 25, 2016

Although the connection may not be obvious to some of us, exercise and meditation really do go hand in hand. When we think of exercise, we usually picture intensity and physical activity, while meditation brings to mind calmness and stillness. Those who practice both can easily understand their similarities and comparable benefits. However, for those of us who are new to meditation, here’s a quick rundown on why meditation can be a powerful tool in helping you achieve your fit goals.


Believe it or not, exercise actually involves meditation even though we may not realize it. Mediation, at its core, is a vehicle for you to stay mindful of yourself and your breath. Exercise also requires you to harness your thoughts to stay focused on the workout. Exercise produces the same emotional and chemical changes in our brains as do meditation. Benefits for both activities include stress reduction, weight loss, energy boost, and enhanced sleep. It’s no wonder that the world’s most powerful people and top athletes are all jumping on the meditation bandwagon.


By connecting the mind with the body, you can take your workouts to a whole new height! But, as with most good things in life, mastery of meditation takes some practice. Consider meditating the next time you need to push through a tough workout. You can beat mental fatigue and negative thoughts by incorporating a regular meditation routine before, during, or after your workout.




How To Add Meditation To Your Fitness Routine


Breathe. Breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth. Deep slow breaths will relax your muscles and prep your mind for focus. When you start sweating and your heart rate goes up, it will be a challenge to breathe slowly and deeply but try your best.


Focus. This is your time to do you so don’t get distracted by other thoughts. Pay attention to why you’re working out and your ultimate goal. Put the unimportant stuff aside. Your breath will help you here.


Adopt A Mantra. It’s important to keep reminding yourself of your intention. State your goals, desires or challenges and work to achieve and overcome them. Put thought into your actions so there is meaning behind your efforts.


Meditation before or during a workout is a brilliant way to get the most of each session. Don’t let a busy gym/studio or mental blocks distract you from finishing strong and doing your absolute best!