Tap It Back: Is It Muscle Soreness or An Injury?

posted September 21, 2016

Whether you’re new to spin or an avid rider, most if not all of us have experienced some sort of pain on the bike. We always push through, repeating our mantra ‘STRENGTH IS IN THE STRUGGLE’, but sometimes the pain we experience is more than just our muscles meeting their limit. But how do we differentiate pain from the push, from pain signaling something more serious?


Spinning, like any exercise requires proper set-up and form. The most common injury from improper riding can affect your back. If you have experienced lower back discomfort during or after a ride you are not alone! But hope is not lost! This malady can be ‘cured’ with a few easy steps.


1. “Good” Pain v. “Bad” Pain

The first step is understanding the discomfort you feel. It is essential that you identify the type of pain you’re experiencing. If you know in your gut that what you’re doing isn’t beneficial to your physical health, then STOP. If you keep up with the same routine/form/set-up, you cannot expect to feel different results.


2. Listen to Your Body

Very similar to the pain v. pain concept, LISTEN to what your body is telling you – it’s smarter than you think :). Decades of evolution, have fine-tuned our sense of fight or flight. If something is starting to hurt, it is very likely that your body is telling you to slow down. Muscle fatigue, is very different from muscle pain. When I ride, I like to do a little something I dubbed the push-and-check. Push yourself to your limit, feel that burn, but always dial-in to your body, differentiate pain and progress.


3. Ask for Help

New, or an experienced rider? Either way, if you’re feeling any type of discomfort from riding, please ask our team for help. There may be a small tweak, or change we can recommend during set-up that may make a great difference! Whether that’s a small number adjustment on the height of your seat, or slightly lowered handle-bars, you never know how it will feel until you give it a try. Trust us! We’re here to help.


3. Speak Up!

Class is about to start and you hear your instructor ask, “Any one have an injury I should know about?”… you hear crickets. This is your chance to let your instructor know about that pain you’re feeling. Their goal is to cater a ride for you! Your instructor is a spin expert – they have the knowledge and ability to craft a ride with the proper adjustments to ensure an effective experience for you! PS – you can’t get upset if you’re called out for being stingy on the weights if your instructor doesn’t know about your shoulder injury!!


4. Stretch

This pro-tip goes without saying, but it is so essential that you stretch before AND after a ride. Sometimes we get to class in a tizzy, stressed out from our busy day. It happens to all of us! But, imagine if we got their just 5-10 minutes early to breathe, stretch and prepare. Find any space in the studio and get those limbs loose! In a hurry and can’t stay those last few minutes of class for stretching? It’s not the end of the world! Just be sure that you take some time when you get home to breathe and appreciate your body for all of it’s hard work during class. The best way to prevent an injury is to stretch!