Things You Need to Know Before Jumping Into a Detox

posted May 6, 2016

When I used to think “detox” a lot of images and ideas would come to mind — juice cleanse, lemon water and cayenne pepper, removing toxins, flat belly in 3 days –– basically all quick fixes to get you where you want to be fast. When I did the Whole 30, people continuously called it a cleanse or detox and I would get so annoyed because of the negative connotation I had with the word “detox” and everything I described above. When I really started thinking about it though, the Whole 30 was pretty much exactly what my preferred definition of a detox is… it is about filling your body with whole foods and eliminating food that doesn’t serve our overall health to make us feel good.


I don’t believe in a “clear history” button. I believe what we put in our bodies impacts us no matter how we flush it out. I do believe in a good detox or reset that will allow us to get started or increase the momentum towards our health and fitness goals. In addition to detoxing our bodies, eliminating negativity and cultivating a positive environment can do wonders for our overall health. Be sure to consider this as a part of your healthy lifestyle!


A detox doesn’t have to mean less of everything. A detox should include more:


– fruits

– veggies

– proteins like chicken, fish, lean meats or eggs

– water- try it infused with fruit or cucumber to make it more exciting!

– self- love

– mindfulness




In order to feel your best, a detox should encourage you to have less:


– dairy like milk, coffee creamer, yogurt, cheese

– wheat like bread, cookies, cake, pasta

– sugar- that includes artificial sweeteners

– alcohol (I know)

– self- criticism

– stress


If you can spend a few days or a week eating whole, unprocessed foods, I believe that your energy, mood and skin will improve. Your clothes will fit a little better without feeling deprived. I even think you will feel good enough to get started on a consistent workout routine to keep you feeling motivated and energized. Find whatever detox means to you — whether it is strict clean eating, eliminating soda, quitting fast food or meditating for 5 minutes each day or putting your phone away at 8pm. Whatever it means, just do it! I promise it will be easier than drinking cayenne pepper and lemon water every day… unless that’s your jam.


Written by Alexis from Balance Bride