Tips for a No-Fail Meal Plan

posted April 25, 2016

“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”

This may sound cliche but it is definitely true when it comes to meal planning and prepping. It is important to find out what meal prep style works for you. Do you like to do all your prep on Sunday or do you like to do a little each night throughout the week? Are you prepping breakfast, lunch and dinner or just lunch for work? No matter what your situation, here are some meal planning tips to guarantee a healthy week. I have also created a healthy meal plan page because I find that it helps to have a visual idea of your week. You can download it here.


1. Look at your calendar– go through your week and decide what days you need which meals. Pay attention to lunch meetings or scheduled dinners out.


2. Choose your recipes– what do you like to eat? Can it easily be prepared ahead of time? Can it be made in a large batch to heat up throughout the week? Fill in your calendar or meal planning template. Look for recipes with similar ingredients or using what you already have.


3. Make a list– after you choose your recipes, see what you already have in your kitchen and write down everything else you will need. This helps to make sure you get all the ingredients you need and helps you to avoid over spending.




Other Tips:


– Try to make a big batch of roasted vegetables or cook your meats on Sundays. Having grilled chicken to add to salads or veggies to throw in to your eggs in the morning will make healthy choices even easier.

– Learn to love leftovers. Plan to make double for dinner and take it for lunch the next day.

– Invest in or dust off your crock pot. The crock pot is so easy to use and allows you to cook a big batch of something with very little effort. Throw some chicken in with a jar of salsa and you have delicious shredded chicken or get a little fancier and make a soup.

– Don’t try all new recipes in one week. It is always fun to experiment with new recipes and I highly encourage it- but add a few recipes in to your week that will be easy and comfortable.


Meal planning takes a lot of work at first but it is so worth it when you realize you are eating healthier and saving money. I promise it gets easier once it becomes routine. Don’t forget to use a calendar or template to map out your week- try mine here.


Written by Alexis from Balance Bride